Rejuvenating Eye Treatment by Vicki Newman

The skin around your eye area is the thinnest skin on your body. The thinner the skin is, the smaller the pores are so it is very common for our eyes to become dehydrated and age more and quicker than every where else.  Eyes creams are created with smaller particles to absorb into the smaller pores as standard moisturisers and serums can be too thick to fully benefit the skin around the eye area.  Dark circles can also become more noticeable when skin is thinner and there wouldn’t be a high turnover of cells as often as the rest of the skin.


Left Image: The light green indicates dehydration lines and Dark Green indicates ageing lines.
Right Image: The appearance of my skin around the my eyes looks a lot thinner and the loss of collagen and elastin allows the fine lines and wrinkles to remain visible on the skin.  Make up also sits in the creases of the eye lid not giving a smooth finish.

Lash length & thickness before using revitalash

The Visia analysed and detected the length of my lashes from the root, the chart has measured them in mm. My average length before I started treatment was  4.4mm!blog-vicki-lashes-before-aurora-skin-clinics-web

Product & Treatment Recommendations

Your eyes can easily be improved by adding an eye cream to your routine. You should apply eye cream in the morning and evening, after cleansing and before any face serums, creams or makeup.  Half a pea sized amount should be put onto your ring finger then dabbed around the eye socket gradually dabbing inwards then eventually as your skin gets used to the products it can be massaged in and closer to the eyes. Eye Peels and Microneedling can help boost and intensify results as they will stimulate skin to produce more cells as well as collagen and absorb products deeper.  Injectable treatments can be a subtle treatment which also compliment products as relaxing the muscles around the eyes prevents more lines appearing and minimises the lines already there as it reduces the movement of the skin.

NeoStrata Bionic Eye Creamblog-bionic-eye-cream-neostrata-aurora-skin-clinics

The hydrating eye cream for anyone with more dehydrated lines around eyes, ideal for young skin that is starting to get the first signs of ageing.

Gluconolactone helps to strengthen the skins natural barrier, hyaluronic acid moisturises and maintains hydration with in the skin. Green Tea, evening primrose and avocado sooth delicate skin making it suitable for all skin types.

NeoStrata Intensive Eye Therapy

blog-bionic-intensive-eye-therapy-neostrata-aurora-skin-clinicsThe ultimate anti-ageing eye cream it improves texture, lines and appearance of eyes reducing signs of ageing.

Apple stem extract tricks the skin to stay firm as well as reduce lines and wrinkles, maltobionic acid increases hydration and caffeine helps to reduce puffiness around eyes.

From my analysis I personally wanted to get the smoothest results possible, I purchased the ‘Intensive Eye Therapy’ as I did have a balance of dehydration lines as well and ageing lines.  The ageing lines were more prominent when I smile so with ‘Apple Stem Extract’ I had faith that this would firm the skin and reduce my fine lines. I also treated my skin between every 2-4 weeks with Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasions to reduce the build of dead skin cells, stimulate my blood supply and help smooth the appearance of my skin.


Get your lashes to grow, grow, grow and remain long, thick and natural!

There are three stages of hair growth; Anagen- growing stage of the lashes, Catogen- when lashes stop growing and Telogen when your lashes naturally shed.  Revitalash keeps the Anagen and Catagen stage of the lashes for longer resulting the length of your lashes to grow and remain; you will still shed lashes but a lot less than normal.

My eyes after treatment


Left Image: The green lines are for fine lines and wrinkles. My skin has dramatically firmed and plumped itself out giving a more youthful, softer appearance. I am still slightly dehydrated but it is almost impossible to hydrate the skin completely!
Right Image: The appearance is softer and smoother, the skin had firmed with the help of products and treatments.

Lash length & thickness after using revitalash

My lashes now measure at 4.7mm! I religiously used Revitalash every evening for 6 weeks applying across the tops of lash line (on the skin).  I have now only kept doing it 3-4 times per week.


Before & After Images


For more information about eye care you can book a free consultation with myself, or another member of the team at The Gatehouse or The Paddocks

Thanks for reading,

Aesthetic Practitioner, Vicki Newman