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Solar Keratosis and skin tag removal now available

Solar Keratoses (also known as Actinic Keratoses) are quite a common condition that can often be seen on more mature skin that has seen a lot of sun exposure over the years. Usually slightly raised, they are rough, scaly and crusty to the touch and they can be pink, brown or sometimes skin colour. They¬†usually […]

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US research highlights dangers of skin cancer detector apps

An American University research team has uncovered the unreliability of smartphone apps that claim to detect cancerous skin lesions. The team of scientists from The University of Pittsburgh tested 188 images on 4 different apps, some of which had since been diagnosed as cancerous and the others were innocuous skin conditions. Of the 3 apps […]

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Extensive cancer risk in sun bed use is revealed

The British Medical Journal has revealed yet more staggering evidence of the harmful nature of tanning beds and their role in skin cancers, with estimates that they contribute to hundreds of thousands of new cancer cases worldwide each year. Although they have long been deemed high-risk under causes of cancer these new statistics are stark […]

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