Botox – thought it was just for treating wrinkles? Think again.

A young man receiving Botox treatmentToday it was announced that Botox injections may soon be available on the NHS as a treatment for chronic migraines.

Having been approved as a treatment for the condition in 2010, the medical watchdog NICE is now weighing up whether Botox should be funded for certain NHS patients.

Migraines bring misery to around 700,000 people in the UK, with symptoms including nausea, light sensitivity, visual disturbances, tingling sensations and muscle weakness, alongside severe tension headaches.

How does Botox help?

While it’s not known exactly how Botox works to alleviate chronic migraines, it is thought to be either a result of easing tension in the muscles, or by blocking the signals that transmit pain.

If it is decided to go ahead and offer it on the NHS, the treatment will be preventative, requiring regular injections every 12 weeks on an ongoing basis. It will cost the NHS an estimated £349.40 per patient, per treatment.

This adds to the ever-growing list of applications that have been found for Botox injections in recent years. Though some of these aren’t yet medically approved, Botox has also been found to help with the following:

While we don’t offer Botox to treat migraines at Aurora Skin Clinics, we do offer it in its more traditional guise as a wrinkle treatment, as well as for treating excessive sweating.

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