Zoe Saldana: I would get Botox

Botox treatmentZoe Saldana is the latest beautiful woman to grace the cover of InStyle’s UK magazine. In the interview with the cover star she explains how she would consider Botox treatment but that she is also confident with her looks and feels happy about herself.

Quizzed on the matter of cosmetic surgery the pretty actress, of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent, revealed: “I’d have Botox, honey”, explaining that if she felt her confidence was affected by her appearance she would take steps to improve it.

She also added however:

“It scares me that there are so many women unhappy with themselves, ashamed of themselves, of ageing, of being who they are. Because the only reason they’re hiding it is because they’re afraid of rejection or judgement.

“That’s external. You can reject me all you want, I’m okay with it. You can judge me all you want, I’m okay with myself.”

She puts her confidence down to her upbringing and the sense of self-worth that her mother successfully installed in her:

“My Mum raised my sisters and I with a strong sense of self. (She) always said, ‘Honey, there is nothing that a red lipstick and a pair of red shoes can’t heal, cure, or solve.’

“And I absolutely believe that. They can get you out of anything, even the biggest funk of your life.”

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