Zinc supplement “may boost effects of Botox”

Botox treatment

Great news for Botox users. A new supplement has been found which makes the wrinkle-relaxing effects of Botox last longer.

A small study carried out by researchers in the USA found that taking the supplement made the effects of Botox injections last approximately 30% longer.

The supplement is known as “Zytaze”, and is a combination of zinc and the enzyme phytase.

Zinc is thought to be necessary in order for Botox to act as a neurotoxin. And phytase is an enzyme that helps to slow down the breakdown of zinc in the body. So combining the two into one pill effectively boosts the neurotoxic effects of Botox on the muscles in the face.

Researchers reported that the supplement brought about clinically significant improvements for some patients – and not only for cosmetic purposes. Zytaze supplementation was found to be particularly effective on patients who suffered with eye muscle spasms that had not previously responded to Botox treatment.

As with any new drug or supplement, further studies will be required to test the safety and efficacy of Zytaze. But the early signs for the supplement as a beauty booster look promising.

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