Is Botox giving the judges their X Factor?

Botox anti-wrinkle treatmentPoor old celebrities. Us mere mortals are free to have all the aesthetic adventures we like without the eyes of the nation examining us for telltale signs. Not so for them.

They don’t only have to worry about Colin from accounts noticing they’re a bit puffy. Oh no. Millions of curious eyes are giving them the once-over in gossip magazines, newspapers, websites and – in the case of the X Factor judging panel – on telly every weekend.

Which leads us onto the latest issue of OK Online, which has cast its aesthetic eye over the newly assembled X Factor Four in an article entitled “X Factor 2014: What have the judges done to their faces?”

And their answer is ‘quite a lot, actually’.

Botox all round?

They start with newly married national treasure Cheryl, whose only obvious aesthetic intervention is her perfect white veneers. They suggest she’s also having regular injectable treatments (possibly dermal fillers to her bedimpled cheeks), with peels and a cheeky bit of Botox also mooted as possibilities.

Moving on to the king of X Factor, Simon Cowell, they unsurprisingly think he’s had more help than Cheryl. In fact, it sounds for all the world like he regularly strides into a clinic, points at the treatment list and says ‘It’s a YES from me. I’ll take one of everything’.

“His cheeks are looking fuller, suggesting he’s had dermal fillers injected. I’d also say that he’s had some cosmetic fillers in his nasal labial, commonly known as smile lines.”

They also suggest our Si has regular Botox, as well as dabbling in skin peels, laser rejuvenation and microdermabrasion.

New girl Mel B, who clearly has Simon’s ‘harshest judge’ title in her sights, has opted for fillers to her lips, cheeks and naso-labial folds, they say. There’s also a suggestion that she may have skin peels and skin tightening treatments – and possibly even subtle nose surgery.

But it’s the perennial Louis, the judge who refuses to go, who’s apparently had the most invasive procedures of them all. A hair transplant and eye bag removal, they say. And that’s alongside his veneers, regular Botox, peels and laser rejuvenation.

Whatever you think about little Louis, he’s in it for the long haul.

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