Would you let snails traverse your face in the name of beauty?

Skin treatmentsThe quest for lasting beauty has never been more all-consuming than in today’s culture, with seemingly endless explorations in to what natural or man-made solutions may help defer the ageing process and achieve flawless skin.

Some of these are more ‘out there’ than others, including bee sting venom, sperm therapy and facials using the patient’s own blood.

Hot on the (quite literal) trail comes a new form of wacky beauty solution – until now a humble garden pest; the snail. A clinic in Japan are offering a facial which includes snail therapy, hyaluronic acid and proteins which, when combined, promise to heal and rejuvenate damaged or ageing skin. As part of the treatment, which also includes cleansing and the application of creams, live snails are placed on the face and allowed to roam freely.

It’s believed the moisture and proteins from the snail’s slime include properties that not only help to seal moisture in but also help exfoliate dead skin cells, therefore refreshing the appearance of the face.

It’s not actually an entirely new theory, although it is certainly a novel way of administering it. Creams that use snails have been popular in Japan and Korea for some time and there is one product available in the Western market, too.

The history of snail therapy can go back even further still – Hippocrates in Ancient Greece has been recorded as recommending using crushed snails to soothe damaged skin.

So, before you get rid of any snails that might be wreaking havoc on your flowers and garden, consider instead plonking them on your face and letting them have a wander around there…

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