Women in their fifties ‘like their wrinkles’ – or do they?

WrinklesDo you embrace your wrinkles? It seems you’re not alone.

A recent study was carried out by Allergan, the pharmaceutical company that makes anti-wrinkle treatments Botox and facial fillers. It found that women in their fifties prefer their faces with some wrinkles than none at all.

Researchers took photographs of a panel of fifty-something women, and then a technical team altered them to create different versions.

Some of the photographs were only given a subtle retouching, with facial wrinkles softened but still visible. Others were given the full airbrush treatment, with wrinkles erased to leave the women’s skin fashion-magazine flawless.

The resulting photos were shown back to the participants, who were asked for their opinions.

The results were unanimous. All of the women preferred the image with their wrinkles only slightly softened over the one with their wrinkles completely removed.

Researchers then showed the photographs, including the original untouched photos, to a separate group of 2,000 women to ask them for their thoughts.

Of these women, the majority (63%) felt the photos of the women with slightly softened wrinkles looked best. Roughly half expressed the notion that the flawless images looked ‘unnatural’.

Does this really mean women prefer having wrinkles to not?

Well, it’s not quite as simple as that. Though the women all agreed that the airbrushed wrinkle-free photos were the least appealing, the ones they liked best weren’t the untouched wrinkles-in-all-their-glory photos. It was the ones that had their wrinkles softened.

Which suggests that what really appealed to these women, more than embracing their laughter lines or chasing some unattainable wrinkle-free perfection, was the simple idea of becoming a slightly fresher version of themselves.

Being able to look in the mirror and see someone familiar, who happens to look very well and at ease in her skin.

Well amen to that.

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