Will former model Sophie Anderton sue Botox doctor Danielle Marr?

Botox injectionsModel Sophie Anderton is reported to be considering legal action against Irish Botox doctor Danielle Marr.

The two women, both in their thirties, spent the brief time they shared together on Celebrity Big Brother at loggerheads and it seems that Danielle’s comments following her eviction from the famous house last week may prompt Sophie to take legal action.

Danielle appeared on the follow up show to the main event, Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, and seemed to insinuate that Sophie and her had met previously when the latter came to Danielle’s clinic for treatments. She told presenters Rylan Clark and AJ Odudu:

“About four or five years ago a certain person came into my clinic and had a treatment worth about four or five hundred Euros (£341 to £426).

“It was a free treatment in exchange for a testimonial.”

The live discussion then cut to a clip of Danielle saying to Sophie whilst still in the house: “You’ve met me before.”

As a result Sophie’s solicitors are now apparently making preparations for legal action, with a source close to Sophie telling tabloid The Daily Star:

“There’s absolutely no doubt she will sue over this. When she comes out of the house and hears what Danielle has said on TV she will be fuming. Sophie will take this to court if she has to.”

The source added that she doesn’t believe Danielle should have disclosed the information, given that doctors are held to patient confidentiality. A spokesperson for Danielle has defended her comments however, saying:

“Sophie was given a free treatment for which she did a testimonial.

“Danielle has not broken any patient confidentiality.”