Why men can benefit from skin treatments

Anti-ageing treatmentIt’s been well-documented that anti-ageing procedures and plastic surgery operations are no longer simply the preserve of women – men too have become interested in preserving their looks and making sure the image they present to the world is at its best.

However they may be less aware of other non-invasive procedures, beyond Botox, that are available to them.

Chemical peels, dermaroller and microdermabrasion are all different treatments that help to look after the skin’s surface – intense procedures that deeply replenish the surface to make it look younger and fresher but can also help with skin ailments such as rosacea, acne, pigmentation, discolouration and patchy complexions.

Perhaps because these particular treatments deal directly with the skin’s surface there is an association with facials, which to some men may seem like something only women and have done. This could explain why some might shy away from seeking such procedures.

The truth is however that they are equally beneficial for men’s skin. In fact, many skin complaints can cause more embarrassment or distress to the male sufferer – simply because traditionally men don’t wear make-up on the face. Women, on the other hand, have access to products that can help to disguise or lessen problems with the skin.

Which treatment will be most suitable will depend on the nature of the specific complaint and the individual, as will the number of treatments required.