Why does everyone has a different frown?

This question is interesting, in fact some people hardly seem to frown at all where as other people frown all of the time.

The reason for this is that everyone has different patterns of muscles in the frown area between the eyebrows.

Interestingly at an early age you can teach yourself not to frown, and I recently had a patient who said that her mother told her off every time she frowned when she was a child and gradually she lost the ability to frown.

When I saw her she was actually unable to frown at all.

This is the reason why some people have vertical lines in their frown areas, some people have slanted lines, some people have one line in the centre and others are on both sides but often stronger one side than the other.

Everyone’s frown varies and treatment should be individualised for you by your practitioner.

If you have a weak frown less botox should be used and more botox for stronger frowns with larger muscles.