Why does everyone frown differently?

Everyone frowns differently. Some people frown when their face is at rest giving them an unhappy angry appearance. This is simply because their muscles contract spontaneously. Other people seem to hardly frown at all, this is because their muscles are in a natural state of relaxation.

No only does the amount of frowning vary but the position of frown lines also is different between individuals.

Some people have just a single vertical line in the frown area where as other people have two lines on either side of the frown area and in some cases multiple lines extending out, rising vertically from the inner part of the eyebrow.

The reason why everyone’s frown is different is that the muscles in the area which we have discussed in previous blog post have different origins and insertions.

Everybody’s body varies in other ways and muscles are no exceptions.

Therefore everyone has different pattern of muscles in the frown area likewise their frown will have a different pattern in each individual.

Again its very important to a doctor who is administering Botox to individually access each persons frown prior to treatment to ensure that the correct muscle is treated.