Why do some people frown and other people don’t?

This is a  very interesting point and no one knows the answer for certain.

I did meet a patient recently who had no frown at all. She was physically unable to frown when I asked her to!

When I asked her why, she said that her mother (who was a very strict lady and conscious that frowning causes wrinkles) had tapped her on the arm when she was a baby every time she looked grumpy.

She felt that being constantly reminded at a very early age not to frown stopped her using the muscles and that caused her inability to frown.

She obviously doesn’t need Anti-wrinkle treatment in the frown area as there are no eruptive muscles in the region to treat.

This lady was an extreme case but as in all individuals there is a lot of variation between the frown area – much in the same way that sizes of noses differ!

This is why it is extremely important for a doctor to thoroughly assess the area prior to Anti-wrinkle treatment as each person’s pattern of frowning is individual to them.