When does the ageing process start to affect our skin?

Face ageingWhilst this question could well be filed along with – how long is a piece of string? – there does seem to be an age when most women start to notice, and worry about, signs of ageing although this often arrives before the signs really become noticeable to others (depending on the attitude of the woman, of course).

A survey of 4000 women once revealed that the average age women start to worry that their visage is starting to age is 28 – but does the reflect what is really happening on the face? It’s true that fine lines start to appear during the mid to late-twenties however they are just that – fine. As a result this is a stage of ageing that only a really close inspection on the looking glass (which we all do well) will reveal. To others it’s likely that these signs are not really apparent yet.

Worrying about ageing is noticing signs of ageing too, so it’s likely that women differentiate between this and pinpointing the age where they may say ‘that’s the age I felt I started to look older’. It’s more likely that the mid to late-thirties or even in to the forties will be the age when looks alter.

This is the time when existing lines become deeper and when new ones appear – frown lines or crow’s feet, for example. It’s also around the time that many women (and men!) start to try new anti-ageing treatments such as Botox or chemical peels.

In addition to age-reversing procedures, a good skin care routine and healthy lifestyle may help stave off the inevitable for a further few years.