What happens during facial thread vein removal?

Red thread veinsThread veins (technically known as telangiectasia), are a common problem that can occur anywhere on the face or body.

They appear when the capillaries, the smallest blood vessels in the body, are put under too much pressure and become permanently dilated, giving them an angry red appearance which shows through the skin.

Factors which can contribute to their development include excessive alcohol, smoking, being overweight, rigorous exercise, sun exposure, washing with very hot or cold water, diet, pregnancy and ageing, among many other causes.

Treatment of thread veins on the face

Thread vein treatment on the face is performed using electrolysis. The aesthetic practitioner will first examine your skin to determine its general condition, before commencing treatment of the affected area.

A very fine probe will be placed just under the surface of your skin, into the capillary to be treated, and a gentle current will be passed through, along with a small amount of heat to seal off (or cauterise) the capillary. This process is repeated for each individual capillary requiring treatment.

Treatment can be completed in one session, however follow up sessions may be required on a larger area, or if the thread veins are more resistant to treatment.

Recovery after thread vein treatment

Immediately after your thread veins have been treated, they will ‘blanch’ and no longer be visible. However, over the course of the next couple of days, small scabs will form on the surface of the skin where they used to be.

For the first few days you should keep the treated area dry and avoid touching it as far as possible, in order to prevent the scabs being removed before healing is complete. You can cleanse the area with dry antiseptic powder, but steer clear of water and liquid or gel cleansers.

After about 5-6 days, the scabs will naturally fall off, leaving fresh ‘baby’ skin underneath. You should use sunscreen to protect the skin.

You can expect full recovery after approximately 2 weeks, at which time you will attend a follow-up appointment to determine if any further treatment is needed.

If you’re bothered by facial thread veins and would like to be rid of them in time for summer, drop us an email to info@aurora-skin-clinics.co.uk or give us a call on 01844 211777 and we’ll arrange a free consultation.

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