What do women think about ageing?

Face ageingThe Daily Mail has published research that explored women’s attitudes to ageing, and apparently the age to start ageing gracefully is 59.

The survey also explored when certain looks should be given up, which celebrities are ageing gracefully and which ones aren’t. Apparently most women agree that 59 is the age to start worrying about ageing so much and to start sporting a more natural look.

Before this however there are a few other milestones which women should supposedly observe – 41 is the right age to stop wearing miniskirts and leather trousers whereas tight tops and knee-high boots ought to get the heave-ho at 45.

In the public eye Dame Helen Mirren, Dame Judy Dench and Joanna Lumley were voted first, second and third respectively as women who are ageing most gracefully. In the bottom of the league came Madonna, Jerry Hall and Anne Robinson.

Overall the women wanted to look on average five years younger and being wrinkle-free was decreed the best way to look good in your fifties and sixties. Botox and dermal fillers were cited as one way of banishing the wrinkles and holding back the years.

Other ways including healthy living and a sizeable minority thought a young man was the best way to ensure looking good at an older age!

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