What are thread veins and how can you get rid of them?

Red thread veinsThread veins are when the appearance of the vein rises to the skin’s surface, revealing a red or purple squiggly line. The correct medical term for them is telangiectasia.

What causes thread veins?

There is no specific cause for thread veins although they become increasingly likelier as we age. Hormones in pregnancy or the menopause can also result in thread veins, which is perhaps why they are most common in women. Whilst standing for long periods of time doesn’t actually cause them it can worsen them.

One in 5 women may suffer from them in their twenties, increasing to half by the forties and with 70% of all women over the age of 70 suffering from them.

What to do about thread veins?

Thread veins only worsen over time and the earlier that they are treated the better. This is also because they are harder to treat the older and larger they become. There are two types of thread vein treatments available – laser or sclerotherapy. Laser treatment attacks the veins externally and sclerotherapy works by administering medicine via an injection.

Both treatments only cause very minor discomfort and will typically require a course of three treatments though this will be longer if the veins are well established.

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