‘Vampire facelift’ featured in 2013 Oscars goodie bag

Anti-ageing injectionThe new anti-wrinkle treatment that has already wooed the likes of British star Anna Friel and other celebrities was included in the traditionally lavish goodie bag for the film industry’s prestigious awards.

It’s been nicknamed the vampire facelift as it uses blood taken from the patient, which undergoes an extraction and is then injected back in to the face and neck. The platelets stimulate the production of collagen which helps skin to look youthful. As it’s non-invasive it means minimal recovery time and no scars.

Other gifts that purportedly appeared alongside vouchers for the treatment were trips abroad and annual Heathrow VIP access. It used to be that the Oscar organisers themselves would arrange and give the goodie bags to the stars however it changed over to a private company due to tax implications.

They’ve certainly chosen an appropriate gift for their audience – Hollywood and the film industry in particular are notoriously age and beauty obsessed. Indeed, the weeks leading up to the big event see a spike in the number of plastic surgeries and non-invasive procedures such as Botox and fillers being performed.