Using Sculptra Treatment for Loose Double Chins Problem

There are different causes why loose double chin, also known as ‘turkey neck,’ happens. Although this condition can often cause physical strain to those people who have them, it can be corrected without the need for surgery via Sculptra skin treatment. There are three known reasons why turkey neck appears, namely: aging, genetics and weight issues.

When we age, our skin suddenly turns loose; thus resulting loose double chin. Another factor is genetics wherein your family and relatives also have this issue. Next is being overweight since some excess fats can go to your chin and cheek, making them sag. There are also instances that the effects of too much sun exposure and gravity will result to excess skin along the chin and jaw line, resulting to double loose chin. Fortunately, Sculptra can efficiently help get rid turkey neck due to aging, being overweight and sun exposure or gravity. However if condition is brought about by genetics, it may require more treatment methods to be corrected.

Sculptra is an excellent non-surgical solution to sagging skin in the chin area along the jaw line for it treats the problem by replacing the lost volume above the jaw line. The solution is an injectable poly-lactic acid that fuels the body’s formation of extra collagen. Once injected on the cheeks, it can trigger the body to make more collagen, which will then fill-up the cheeks and uplift the skin in the lower face, plus jaw line.

Mild sagging is much simpler to treat whereas intense sagging resulting to turkey neck at the age of 50 to 60 can be a bit complicated to solve. Still, there are always different kinds of cosmetic procedures, such as the non surgical Sculptra treatment that will help to successfully correct the condition of having loose double chin.