US Surgeon offers Botox and fillers to find dates

Botox injectionsA New York surgeon has come up with a novel way of finding a lifelong partner – using business associates and offering them cash and cosmetic procedures as incentives.

Inspired by matchmaking services that charge a fee, the unnamed surgeon devised a price list of his own to encourage those he knows to set him up on dates.

Sending an email to around 30 people following a network event he explained his quest to find a partner, and what he was willing to offer in return.

This included cash gifts or alternatively a cosmetic or surgical procedure. It was not easily handed over, however, as in order to secure the gift there were strict criteria that needed to be met.

The demands included:

  • White, college graduate
  • Age 28-34
  • Size 0-2 (UK size 4-6)
  • Keen to start a family

These stipulations were non-negotiable and if they were not met the cash or surgical reward would not be given. A second list of ideals was given, though the bachelor stated he may be more flexible on these:

  • Christian
  • Travelled the world
  • A good education
  • Experience of living in a large city
  • Love of animals, in particular dogs
  • Attractive (but not a 10/10 as that comes with its own problems)
  • Personal traits to include: nice, kind, altruistic, selfless
  • Personal traits to avoid: selfishness, bitchy, materialistic

Appreciating that his demands were quite high his rewards reflected that. He was willing to offer the following:

  • 1st date – $100 in cash
  • 2nd date – $200 in cash or $300 worth of Latisse (a treatment designed to encourage eyelash growth)
  • 3rd date – $300 in cash or $500 worth of Botox
  • 4th date – $400 in cash or $900 worth of Juvederm fillers
  • 5th date – $500 in cash or $2000 worth of LASEK eye surgery (vision correction surgery)

Perhaps the man in question is still single because he hasn’t quite grasped that perfection belongs in fairytales (and they don’t usually turn out well, either).

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