US biotechnology company moves closer to psoriasis cure

Skin treatmentsXBiotech, a biotechnology firm based in Austin, Texas, are a step closer in winning the battle against psoriasis, an unsightly skin condition that can affect the face and other areas.

They are in Phase II of a study in to their monoclonal antibody that they have called True Human, which has shown some positive results.

Used on medium to severe cases of psoriasis, the effect seems to be that skin lesions improved almost immediately following an injection in to the skin of the antibody.

Further improvements were seen in the next 70 days with sufferers receiving up to 3 more injections. Within 3 weeks there was an average improvement of up to 30%.

Psoriasis is a fairly common disease and has so far proved to be incurable. Treatments can include steroid creams and cosmetic skin treatments that help to reduce the effect of the psoriasis.

Because the effects are quite often seen on the face it can be embarrassing for sufferers so any headway in to a potential cure will no doubt be great news.

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