Twitter – What’s the fuss all about

Many of you may have heard of twitter but not realised that it can have benefits for your business.

Twitter is essentially a way of communicating in very short messages which have to be below  142 characters.

 Many of the companies and individuals in the Aesthetic industry are very active  in twitter and if you go to twitter, create an account, I would suggest that you do a search for cosmetic  medicines or botox in twitter.

Here you will find lots of people writing small messages (tweets) on different subjects.

You can subscribe to them and everyday you will receive their messages.

I think it’s a very good  way in keeping update for the changes in Aesthetic medicine.

There is a danger however, particularly that twitter can become quite addictive and begins to take over your life as in the case of Steven Fry.

My advice is to look at twitter but limit the amount of time you spend on it