TV comic Graham Norton talks Botox – and mocks Simon Cowell’s appearance

Graham Norton talks BotoxGraham Norton has lashed out at fellow TV personality Simon Cowell over his Botox use and appearance. Seemingly drawing gender divides when it comes to what is and isn’t acceptable aesthetically, the Irish funny man believes that Botox looks weird on men, which is why he’s opted not to have it.

In an apparently teasing tone, the presenter and comic told TV Magazine that “Botox on men looks really stupid” before adding “I hope Simon Cowell kept his receipt”. He discussed his possible eye-bag surgery though he confirmed he had decided not to go down this route and that on turning 50 last month that he felt like he’d earned them.

Though he did admit that seeing yourself on TV can be cruel:

“TV can be a very cruel mirror. You see yourself on telly bending down and there’s a bulge here or a roll of fat under your arm. It’s pretty grim.”

Despite that, he believes that were it not for TV reminding him to look after his appearance he’d be “as fat as a fool”.

Simon Cowell has not responded to the comments. It is alleged though that as well as having Botox and dermal fillers he also has special lights under his desk on Britain’s Got Talent in order to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or any jowls on camera.

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