Try pumpkin for plump skin this Halloween

Pumpkin can help maintain healthy skinIt’s around this time of year that pumpkins start to become ubiquitous, with carved Halloween faces adorning many living room window sills and shop window displays.

As a result, now is the time to indulge in one of nature’s greatest skin treatments.

Pumpkin is a fantastic vegetable for healthy skin, both through consuming it in the diet and applying it directly to the face.

The flesh is a rich source of beta carotene, the plant version of vitamin A, as well as vitamin C – both of which are helpful in the fight against damaging free radicals.

The seeds also contain vitamin E so by consuming the flesh and the seeds you are providing your skin with all the anti-oxidants it needs.

The enzymes in pumpkin also have a gentle exfoliating effect when applied to the skin directly and can also help to reduce the inflammation of acne and reduce pore size.

For acne, rub the flesh over the surface of the skin to gently tone the skin. For ageing skin make a home-made mask of pumpkin flesh, honey and crushed almonds – apply and leave for 5 minutes before washing off.

There are also products that combine the anti-ageing and soothing effects of pumpkins and combine it with other active ingredients.

Leave the Halloween scaring to the pumpkin faces and make sure your own face is more plumpkin than pumpkin!

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