Top 5 skin care tips for the summer months

Skin careWith recent temperatures dragging their feet to well below average for this time of year it’s hard to believe that the summer months are just in front of us, yet that they are.

Whilst it may seem impossible to believe right now, there is some chance that 2013’s middle months will bring us moments of scorching (or at least mildly warming) sunshine, in which case we better have a skin care routine for that at the ready.

Whilst during warmer months it may seem as if we can get away with a lazier skin care routine, it is still a requirement to stay looking your best and a few tweaks here and there will benefit your skin and optimise its appearance.

Here are 5 key tips:

1) Ramp up your daily SPF factor

You ought to be used to wearing an SPF of 15 or higher all year round and it is worth upping this during summer, particularly when the sun does finally get its hat on and some of the stubborn clouds start to shift… Consider a factor of 20 in slightly gloomier times, upping it to 50 when it gets hotter. It may feel thick on your face but usually that’s considered a small price to pay to avoid premature wrinkles!

2) Deep cleanse

Not least because of the aforementioned SPF, it is worth investing in a hard-working cleanser to remove all the dirt your face will accumulate over busy, summer days. Hot weather results in more sweating which will increase the risk of clogged pores. Especially in cities it will also mean higher pollution which will again aggravate and clog the skin. Switching to an intense cleanser daily will help – a weekly deep-cleansing mask would also be worthwhile.

3) Keep exfoliating!

Although it may feel as if you can ease up on exfoliation because the biting cold weather and aggressive winds have eased off (hmm, ish) you nonetheless need to keep on top of keeping dead skin cells under control. It will also help to cleanse your face and body of extra pollutants and sweat.

4) Switch to a lighter moisturiser

Rather than using a thick cream like you may do in winter, the skin will be less stripped of its natural oils by the harsh elements and so you will get away with using a lighter moisturiser on your face – from a thick cream to a fluid, say. If you’re using a thick sunscreen anyway you could ditch the moisturiser altogether (and avoid doubling up) and instead stick to a thin layer of serum day and night.

5) Use creams and serums with vitamins and anti-oxidants

This will help to protect your skin from the extra pollutants moving around more freely in warmer weather.