This Morning doctor in second skin cancer diagnosis

Skin careThe ITV daytime show’s resident doctor Chris Steele has used the programme to reveal that he has been diagnosed with skin cancer for the second time.

The first time he was struck with the cancer was in 1996 when he had it on his left cheek. He had the cancer removed which left a fifty pence sized hole, although it was stitched back up and left barely any scarring.

The 67-year-old medical professional then went on to tell hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that he found a similar patch of irregular looking skin on his leg two weeks ago and so went and got it checked out.

Specialists informed him that the skin cancer had indeed returned. He then had the rest of his body checked and it was revealed that he also has early stages of the cancer on his face again.

He attributes this to not knowing the dangers of the sun and from over-exposure many years ago:

“My skin cancers are purely the result of over-exposure to the sun and sunbeds, many years ago.
I’m 67, so 40 to 50 years ago we didn’t know the dangers of UV exposure, or soaking up the sun on holidays abroad.”

He then used the opportunity to warn others about the risks involved with too much exposure to the sun, including revealing his skin cancer live on air so that the viewing public could see what it looked like.

Dr Chris Steel has appeared on the show since it began in 1988.

If you are worried about odd looking marks on your skin or moles that have changed size or shape then it’s important that you get it checked with your GP or dermatologist straight away.

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