The Recommended Chemical Skin Peel Aftercare Routine

There is a certain recommended chemical skin peel aftercare routine that you need to follow after getting a deep skin exfoliation treatment since during this stage, your skin rejuvenates itself. The necessary aftercare process will vary on the kind of peel you just received and also on the components in the serum.

It’s essential that before you undergo the skin treatment of having a deep skin exfoliation, you are first aware of the type of chemical peel you will be acquiring, the ingredients in the solution and the necessary aftercare you need to follow afterwards. The clinic staff or the medical practitioners themselves must inform you of the peel aftercare you will be assigned to have following your skin treatment so that you are already aware and ready of what precautionary measures you will be expected to do after the skin peel process.

Even if you can instantly resume any normal activities following a light or superficial peel, your skin will look red and feel a bit tight 6 to 8 hours after getting the deep exfoliation. You’ll be given a cream to apply on your skin that will help relieve the redness, yet no major peel aftercare routine is needed.

On the other hand, deeper and more invasive chemical peels will demand you extra time to recuperate; which will usually vary depending on the strength of the chemical used during the procedure.  A period of 3-5 days following the treatment, skin peeling will most likely happen; hence enough rest is always a part of the peel aftercare list when getting stronger kinds of facial exfoliation.