The non-surgical ‘lunch hour’ facelift

Non-surgical skin treatmentsNon-invasive procedures to reverse the signs of ageing are becoming increasingly popular, often because people are seeking a natural look and a shorter recovery time.

As a result, US consultant dermatologist Dr Diane Rose has come up with the idea of the lunch hour facelift, that achieves the same age-reversing effects of a facelift but without the surgery. She does this through a combination of various non-invasive procedures, tailor made to suit the individual’s needs.

She combines Botox, dermal fillers and laser treatment in one sitting with the aim of providing a full facial overhaul, all within about an hour. Not only does the comprehensive treatment benefit from a short visit, rather than a hospital stay for surgery, the results are flattering but not wholly obvious.

Patients can even return to work on the same day so the reduced recovery time can be incredibly appealing to those who lead busy lives. It’s also believed that many celebrities are fans of this approach as it doesn’t mean a short step out of the spotlight to recover from an operation, or obvious changes that attract attention.

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