The new Botox? ‘Frotox’ being trialled by cosmetic doctors

Botox injectionsBotox injections are well known for ‘freezing’ the dynamic muscles in the face to combat wrinkles. But now a new beauty treatment is being developed that, quite literally, freezes the muscles.

Cosmetic doctors are currently in the process of testing cryotechnology as a skin treatment.

The procedure, which sounds like the stuff of sci-fi films, uses low temperatures and liquid nitrogen to disable nerve impulses to the facial muscles and soften lines and wrinkles.

A shot of liquid nitrogen is delivered to the muscles through a needle housed inside a pen-like device. The liquid temporarily damages the nerves so they cannot transmit to the muscles, leaving the patient unable to frown.

The treatment, dubbed ‘Frotox’, exerts an immediate effect on the muscles, and has been found to last for approximately four months.

It is expected that it will cost around the same as Botox treatment when it is launched towards the end of the year.

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