The importance of skin care in your twenties

Skin care is important at any ageMany women start to think most seriously about their skin care regime when, funnily enough, they start to see fine lines appearing and notice that laughter or frown lines tend to hang around a little longer when they used to disappear as quickly as they had sprung.

However, starting to think about how to reverse the ageing process when the signs start to appear is a mistake – instead, it is far better to take the preventative route and tackle potential problems before they start to arise. This means adopting a serious skin care regime in your twenties.

This doesn’t mean that your twenties is the time to start investing in (often expensive) anti-ageing creams, in fact this can often cause more harm than good for the skin, but what is needed is a careful routine that will lay the basis for healthy skin as you age.

Cleanse, tone and moisturise!

Make sure that you are using age-appropriate products, but the most important thing is that you follow a morning and nightly routine, and stick to it.

During our twenties is usually the time when we enjoy the most freedoms, most disposable income and least responsibilities than we ever will again so as a result it can be easy to slip in to a sporadic skin care routine. Making sure that you stick to it now however will make it become second nature when it matters the most.

Protect from the sun

It is also the age that tans seem to be the most fashionable. If you too feel the lure of a golden sheen, then fake it. The single most important thing you can do to protect your skin from ageing is to reduce its exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. Never use a daily moisturiser with an SPF of less than 15.

Review your acne treatment

There are many twenty-somethings who still suffer from embarrassing acne however it’s a mistake to continue with the same treatment that may have been useful in your teens.

Teenage acne is a result of the over-production of oils caused by puberty, whereas adult acne is down to hormones. Switch from products that use benzoyl peroxide, as this will be too drying for grown up skin, and and use ointments with salicylic acid instead.

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