The Difference of Getting Lip Implants than Dermal Fillers

Lip Implants

If you are looking for a lips enhancement treatment that will give you luscious and long-lasting effect, then getting permalip lip implants might be perfect for you.  This non-surgical lip procedure is a great option for the usual dermal filler treatment for lips if you wish to make your tiny, thin lips become fuller permanently. Another reason why permalip is chosen and recommended by many people is because compared to dermal fillers; it’s basically a simple process yet gives lasting results and considered to be safe since the implant can be easily removed without any complications.

For those who are unaware what lip implants are, it is a very thin tube of silicone which is inserted in the lip and is available in three thickness and various widths.  The implants are similar to a torpedo shape with a pointy end on either side and are intended to lie slightly within the corners of your lips. Considering the width of your lips, a compatible size of implants will be used so you’ll get the desired result you wish to have whether a minor enhancement only, slightly fuller or a dramatic change in your lips.

There are several reasons why majority of patients chose to have lip implants instead of dermal fillers. For instance, although dermal fillers are adjustable and absorbable, they require repeated treatment frequently, which can be slightly uncomfortable and expensive too. On the other hand, getting a permalip will be beneficial since it’s a fast procedure done under local anesthetic and yet delivers a permanent outcome. In addition, patients are able to choose the volume and width of the implant they want to have, plus there will only be little scars left in the corner of the mouth after the treatment.

Aside from the fact that you won’t need repeated treatments for your lips after your permalip enhancement, the result will look and feel natural wherein your lip will still be able to move just like a normal lip does. Overall, the difference of getting lip implants from dermal fillers is that whenever patients wanted to get rid of their implant, it can be easily taken out using small incision and won’t leave any enduring issues on the lips.