The “Brotox” effect – rise in male patients seeking Botox treatment

Botox treatmentAccording to a recent study carried out by The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Botox is fast becoming the cosmetic procedure of choice for men in the United States.

Looking at procedures performed on US men during the 10 years between 2000 and 2010, they found that nearly 340,000 men opted for Botox over any other cosmetic enhancement procedure.

Dr Monte Harris, who operates out of Washington DC, attributes the popularity of Botox among men to the fact that it has relatively subtle results.

“One of the biggest concerns is that they don’t want to look different; they don’t want it to look noticeable in a significant way”.

Compared to surgical methods of rejuvenation, it is relatively difficult to spot that Botox treatment has been carried out. So it’s easy to see why it appeals to those men who may feel self-conscious about people knowing they’ve sought out cosmetic enhancement.

However, it does seem that the stigma among men when it comes to seeking out cosmetic treatments is beginning to change – certainly in the US.

Dr Harris reports “When we look at the recent stats, probably over a million cosmetic procedures were done on men in 2011. And those numbers have grown. Probably as far as increased demand over 100% growth since the late 90s”.

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