The Application of Curettage Lesion in Removing Damaged Skin Tissue

Mole Removal

Skin lesions are damaged tissues on the skin that comes in various forms, size, shape and color. These skin tumors can sometimes be benign or cancerous yet can be simply removed through cosmetic treatments such as curettage lesion procedure. The surgical scrapping of the injured tissues is often done to get a sample for diagnosis purposes. Yet, even if you have benign lesions, such huge, superficial mole, it will still require removal since it can affect the way you look and may lead to serious health issues later on.

When you notice a lesion on your body that is more on the surface of your skin and does not go down deep into your skin, then it’s ideal for curettage lesion treatment. This type of lesion is called ‘intradermal nevus’ which are usually shaped like arched moles on the face or sometimes, with hairs growing out of it. There are also skin lesions or ‘intradermal nevus’ that are somewhat nodular skin colored kind of pearly nodules on the face. Any type of ‘intradermal nevus’ lesions can be easily removed through curettage which don’t necessitate a formal incision; instead the lesions are just scooped using curettage to avoid any damage on the deep layers of the skin.

Most patients are comfortable with having curettage lesion treatment since it is only done under local anesthetic and the procedure does not go down into the deeper layers of the skin, so they are left undamaged to restore. Furthermore, it lessens the size of scars left after the treatment and leaves the normal skin surrounding the lesion unharmed.

In conclusion, if you have benign, superficial kind of lesions, it’s recommend that you chose curettage lesion treatment for it’s a simple yet effective cosmetic process that will get rid of the damaged tissue on your skin but won’t give you with noticeable scars following the procedure.