Thai working class put themselves at risk through cheap skin treatments

Skin treatmentThere is a growing trend in Thailand to have plastic surgery and other cosmetic skin treatments to achieve a more Westernised look as well as other treatments to reverse the signs of ageing.

From a solution that used to be preserve of the middle and upper classes it is now filtering down to the working classes. This has become achievable due to unqualified labour and unregulated treatments.

As a result of the growing number of botched procedures that are happening due to this malpractice the Thai government is cracking down on beauticians that offer these treatments illegally. In the last two months alone 40 backdoor beauticians have been closed down in Bangkok, with another 200 believed to be in operation.

As well as Botox, dermal fillers to increase the size of the bridge of the nose have become popular. This is because a raised bridge is believed to look less Asian and more Western.

These treatments are available at a cut cost as they are ordered cheaply from the internet, with no knowledge of how to administer them. Legitimate Botox injections usually cost between $150 and $400 dollars in Bangkok but are being offered for as little as $30 per treatment with dermal fillers going for $50 a pop.

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