Tennis star Roger Federer uses microdermabrasion to stay looking good

Microdermabrasion treatmentTennis champion Roger Federer shows that he has skills beyond the tennis court, by writing a regular diary blog for a tennis website in which he candidly and humorously reveals his day-to-day activities. Some of which are to be expected (tennis-related activities!) and others more of a surprise, including his skin care routine.

The global sports star reveals his love of undergoing microdermabrasion treatments to maintain the condition of his skin, explaining: “It’s amazing what it does for my pores.”

He goes on to justify his desire for good skin by blaming the revealing effects of HD TV: “Curse you, HD TV!”

It was well-documented when HD television arrived the fear that screen stars felt about being seen much more clearly. It would seem that that fear extends to our healthy athletes, too!

Federer is also refreshingly, and wittily, honest about other aspects of his life, and even his vanity. He jokingly refers to his jealousy of Novak’s lithe physique:

“Then I have to watch Novak rip his shirt off every other tournament and, well, ugh. He’s not even that muscular. Right?”

His quest to look as good as possible is not the only endearing honesty about his life that he offers, in his most recent post he also lets slip the value of his sponsorship deal from Nike for this year – a whopping $438 million!