“Tan-orexic” US mum reverses bad decisions with new skincare regime

Chemical skin peelAmerican Mum Patricia Krentcil made worldwide news earlier this year when it was uncovered that she had been taking her six year old to use tanning booths with her.

To show the world that she has understood the error or her ways Krentcil is now posting a series of online videos to track her course of skin care treatments, treatments that have been designed to counter the damaging effects her long-term sunbed usage have accrued.

Working in association with renowned New York dermatologist, Dana Ramos, Krentcil is undertaking a course of chemical peels and already it would appear that these are starting to take effect. Recent photos of the former tanning addict reveal a face with a much smoother appearance than when she was photographed when the story first broke.

Chemical skin peels are useful in instances of sun damage or over-exposure to harmful UV rays as they help to even out skin tone as well as smooth out wrinkles, which sun damage can cause. They can also help to eradicate pigmentation which can be another side effect of the sun or tanning beds. The best advice for tanning however is to keep it safe by avoiding sun beds in the first place, and keeping sun exposure to a minimum.

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