Stricter regulation on non-surgical treatments on the way

Dermal filler injectionToday’s announcement of a major review into the cosmetic surgery industry could mean tougher regulation for practitioners offering non-surgical treatments in future.

The Department of Health has launched the review in order to shine a spotlight on the cosmetic and non-surgical aesthetics industries between now and March.

The review is a response to the PIP breast implants scandal which engulfed the industry last year – and represents a concerted attempt to clean up the aesthetics industry as a whole.

The process will be led by Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, medical director of the NHS, who has called for tougher rules for administering injectables such as dermal fillers and Botox.

He has set up a review committee to help gather opinions on how best to improve the safety of patients, and will present these findings to the Government early next year.

The committee will discuss:

  • The regulation of products used in treatments
  • The delivery of information and advice to patients
  • Patient care both during and after treatment
  • How best to verify the skills and qualifications of practitioners
  • How patients are treated in the event of something going wrong

The non-surgical industry as it stands requires only basic safety checks and injectables can be legally injected by anyone, as long as they have a prescription from a medical professional.

Some may question why these regulations have been so lax for so long. But the review at least represents a step in the right direction towards improving safety and outcomes for patients.

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