Steps singer Claire Richards says no to sweat and yes to Botox

Claire Richards from StepsClaire Richards, ex-singer from 90s pop band Steps, has seen something of a television revival of late. As well as re-forming the band last year she has most recently appeared alongside celebrities in this year’s Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5.

She is set to appear on the small screen once more in a documentary entitled Stitch Me, Lift Me, Tuck – a programme that will show TV talent getting cosmetic procedures. It’s been revealed that Claire will receive Botox injections – not for her face, which at 36 looks dewy and youthful, but for her underarms where she suffers from excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis.

Richards is hoping that she can return to stage but without the embarrassing sweat patches that she easily suffers from. She’s previously held off from getting the procedure as she believed it meant that the sweat escapes from somewhere else instead. Her consultation prior to the procedure will be televised, where doctors assure her that this is not the case.

Though the pop star did experience some discomfort with the procedure she was pleased that she went through with it, saying: “Now I’ll be glowing rather than sweating.”

Other minor celebrities who will be appearing alongside Richards include Stephanie Beacham and Linda Nolan. Claire ‘from Steps’ as she was fondly referred to by fellow CBB star and fan Rylan Clarke, came third in the reality TV show. X-Factor finalist Rylan won the show.