South Korea leading the way for male make-up

Cosmetics and make up are popular with men in South KoreaSouth Korea is a well-known plastic surgery hotspot with men in particular increasingly opting for surgeries or non-invasive procedures such as Botox, chemical peels or laser treatment.

Latest market research reveals that men are even more forward-thinking than that as they also subscribe to wearing make-up.

UK based market research company Euromonitor estimate that the growth in male care skin products and make-up will grow by 10% in South Korea this year, whereas local cosmetics company Amore Pacific put their estimate even higher at 14%.

Although South Korea has a very male dominated, macho and competitive culture there doesn’t appear to be much reluctance to share in what is deemed in the West to be a solely feminine reserve.

Most popular of all for young males is foundation or BB cream – a cream that usually acts as a primer for make-up and helps to even skin tone and cover blemishes.

One young South Korean man, Yu-jin, a 26 year old business management student, admits he wears BB cream, alongside sticking to a skin care routine that includes anti-ageing creams. He sees no wrong in it and instead sees wanting to look at his best entirely natural.

In fact, the trend for make-up seems to stem from their macho and competitive culture, rather than contradicting it – it’s believed that to achieve your best you need to look your best.

A recent advert for a male skin care product included the phrase: “Your appearance is also your strategy”, indicating that those who take care over their appearance will succeed more.

Amore Pacific boss, Lim Jung-shik estimates that 20% of young South Korean men wear foundation, with that figure likely to continue rising. The annual male skin care industry in South Korea is worth £562 million.

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