Some Known Reasons Why Spider or Thread Veins Occur

Thread Vein Removal

One common skin condition that’s affecting both men and women regardless of age is having thread or spider veins medically known as ‘telangliectasia’. These red, very small veins that often occur on the face are broken capillaries which can sometimes grow in size and appear to be a skin discoloration, which is why many people are bothered about having them since it affects their physical appearance. Having spider veins is a common skin condition; hence there are various reasons as to why they arise.

The first known cause of these small broken capillaries is that they are formed when the body’s blood circulation system going around the body becomes thinner and thinner when it goes up into the surface and more and more distant from the heart. Irritation or injury on these tiny veins capillaries will make them even longer as well as form the look of red, marbly pattern on the surface of the skin.

Another factor that contributes to the occurrence of those red, sometimes purple, veins on the skin is too much exposure to the sun and wind as well as sudden changes in the temperature wherein it instantly becomes too hot or very cold.  The formation of broken capillaries can be prevented if sunscreen is applied on the skin prior to sun exposure. A person’s diet, such as eating lots of spicy food or having constant alcohol consumption, can also be a culprit in getting thread or spider vein.

Basically, anything that causes strain in the blood’s circulation system will lead to the occurrence of broken capillaries. In addition, excessive exercising, obesity, pregnancy, constipation, heavy weight lifting and other activities that adds further pressure on the body’s circulation will most likely lead to the formation of spider or thread veins on the skin.