Solar Keratosis and skin tag removal now available

Solar KeratosisSolar Keratoses (also known as Actinic Keratoses) are quite a common condition that can often be seen on more mature skin that has seen a lot of sun exposure over the years.

Usually slightly raised, they are rough, scaly and crusty to the touch and they can be pink, brown or sometimes skin colour. They usually occur on the hands and face (especially the tops of the ears) – those areas that are most often exposed to the sun.

Most of the time a solar keratosis will be completely harmless. However, it’s always worth being vigilant and getting it looked at if you have one. In rare cases, they can be indicative of skin cancer, and this can be determined by a medical professional.

Some people may find keratoses irritating, particularly if they itch or catch on clothing, but most people simply want to remove them for cosmetic reasons.

If you have a keratosis and would like it removed, our Clinical Lead Nurse Mel Recchia is now able to help.

Simple procedure

Removal is quick, simple and painless. It can be carried out in one appointment on a See and Treat basis. A small amount of local anaesthetic is used first to numb the area, and after removal a small dressing will be applied that usually needs to stay in place for 24-48 hours.

If you have skin tags and would like to remove them, Mel is also able to take care of these for you. The technique used is the same for both. Like keratoses, a small dressing will need to be worn on any areas treated for 24-48 hours afterwards.

Solar Keratosis or skin tag removal is available at our Paddocks and Gatehouse Clinics. Treatment costs from £75 depending on the size and the number you have to treat. For more information or to book, please contact us on 01844 318825 or email