Thread Lift Side Effects & Aftercare

What are the potential side effects following a Thread Lift procedure?

Following your Silhouette Soft Thread Lift treatment some slight swelling may occur and you may experience some bruising near the injection points. Due to the pulling method used, you can get some puckering of the skin as it is being tightened. These will disappear after a few days.

Thread Lift Aftercare Instructions

Following your Thread Lift procedure you will be given an ice pack to immediately place over the area. You are advised to take paracetamol to minimise any pain and if possible, avoid make-up for at least 24 hours after which you can gently apply mineral make-up. You must wash and dry your face very gently for 5 days and sleep on your back for 3-5 nights. You will be advised to avoid over-exposure to the sun, including sun beds and high impact sports for 2 weeks post-treatment.

If you have any concerns following your treatment you can contact us on 01844 318825 to book in for a review appointment with Dr Durban.