Chemical Peel Side Effects and Aftercare

Chemical Peel Side Effects

Immediately after your peel your skin may be slightly red and feel quite sensitive. Some patients do experience the following but this is considered completely normal:

  • stinging or burning
  • itching
  • mild pain or discomfort
  • tightness
  • puffiness
  • crusting or peeling

Generally there is no noticeable healing or recovery time with a chemical skin peel and your skin should feel and look ‘normal’ within a few hours. For some patients however the recovery time can take from 2-10 days.


Everyone is different so you may get a little bit of dryness or you may get some significant flaking. Neither is better however each individual will gain an understanding of how much they’re going to peel once they’ve had their first treatment and then we can gauge factoring it in to social events, those sorts of things.

Aftercare following a Chemical Skin Peel

Your practitioner will provide you with skincare products to use post-peel in order to optimise the results of the treatment.

Following a chemical skin peel your skin will be particularly sensitive to UV light, this includes the sun and tanning beds. Therefore you will need to take extra care to both avoid these and make sure you wear a high factor sunscreen to protect your skin. If you do experience some peeling please ensure that you avoid picking or rubbing this off.