Patricia – Botox and Lip Filler Testimonial

What do you think of Aurora Skin Clinics and the treatments you have had?

I’m Patricia Smith, I live in Northampton. A couple of years ago I thought that my upper eyelids had started to become particularly heavy. I’d taken to wearing false lashes and even the false eyelashes couldn’t be seen, that’s how heavy the eyelids were. A younger friend of mine recommended that I should go to Aurora Clinics and see Mr Adrian Richards, which is exactly what I did. Mr Richards recommended I should see a different surgeon who specialised in eyelids and I saw Mr Tristan McMullan. He gave me a procedure called a blepharoplasty, which massively improved my upper eyelids and I was absolutely delighted with the results.

Which non-surgical treatments have you had at Aurora?

On the non-surgical side, I had a little bit of Botox between my eyebrows because I used to frown quite a lot and I’ve got rather a deep crease line, so I had some Botox there. And also lip filler, which has really plumped up my lips but not sort of goldfish proportions just to a more pleasing look! I’m very very pleased. I would definitely recommend people with slightly thinner lips to have that done.

How did you find the actual treatment?

I’m quite okay with having injections done, I don’t mind but I think some local anaesthetic is applied with some ointment. I felt very comfortable with having the procedures done, both the Botox and the lip filler. I had a little bit of swelling, not after the Botox but after the lip filler. So I would suggest anyone considering this, might just have a clear day! But I was very very pleased with mine.

“When I look at my passport photo which was taken 16 years ago, I think I look younger now, than I did then and I’m really pleased.”

What did you think of your practitioner?

I’ve been absolutely delighted with the practitioners that I’ve seen. I think when you’re having something personal like injections or something more radical, more major surgery, I think you need to feel very comfortable with the person who’s performing the procedure. I felt very very comfortable, very confident that they’re professional, they know exactly what they’re doing, they’ve made me feel very relaxed, they’ve kept me fully informed of what they’re doing as they do it and I would highly recommend the people from Aurora.

I do have repeat treatments for my Botox and my lip filler, not that regularly, maybe once a year is sufficient particularly for the lip filler. Hopefully, I won’t need to have another blepharoplasty, I think for me it will probably last me for the rest of my life and also my facelift. But I have recommended Aurora Clinics to people of my age and they’ve taken up the recommendation and are going to have similar treatments.

If you are interested in any of the treatments Patricia¬†has mentioned or just want to book in for a consultation, then please contact the team and we’d be happy to advise you on what treatments may be suitable for you.