Semi-Permanent Make-Up FAQs

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Modern life runs us ragged, doesn’t it? So many time pressures that even things we enjoy can seem like a chore. And applying make-up is one of them.

However much we love it, it’s still another thing to have to do in the morning!

Which explains the appeal of semi-permanent make-up. Springing out of bed looking glam stacks up pretty well against fumbling bleary-eyed with the eye pencil at 7am.

But what’s the treatment like? And how can you be sure of getting natural results? Have a quick read of our frequently asked questions…

Which areas can be treated?

Aurora Skin Clinics: Before and After Photograph of Semi-Permanent Make-UpAnywhere you usually apply make up can be treated with semi-permanent make-up.

On your eyebrows, it can be used to darken, thicken, add definition and correct asymmetry.

Your eyes can benefit from eyeliner that never smudges, “mascara” that never runs and eyeshadow that never rubs off.

Your lips can be defined with lip liner and filled in with your favourite shade – with no worries about leaving it on coffee cups or wine glasses.

And if you fancy, you can even treat yourself to a beauty spot.

But it’s not only the face that can be treated. Cosmetic tattooing can also be used for medical reasons, to recreate areolas lost after mastectomy and to help camouflage scars and burns.

How long does it last?

It doesn’t make the “semi-permanent” claim lightly – you can expect semi-permanent make-up to stay in place for about 2-3 years.

After that, you might find you need a top-up to get it back to its best. But if you’re used to touching up your make-up on a night out, imagine not having to do that for 3 years!

How do you get natural results?

You’ve probably seen the horror stories in the Daily Mail. Photos of women with tattooed eyebrows that make them look perpetually shocked.

So how can you guard against ‘bodge jobs’ and make sure you get natural-looking semi-permanent make-up?

Like any cosmetic treatment, research is key. Find a practitioner with several years’ experience and ask to see lots of before and after photos of their work. Make-up can be quite subjective, with different people liking different looks, so you want to be sure your practitioner is on the same page as you.

For example, if you want really natural-looking brows, it’s possible to get realistic hair simulation with the tattoo applied in individual ‘strands’. Ask your practitioner if they offer it, and ask to see plenty of photos before committing.

Lots of people offer semi-permanent make-up, but it requires a degree of skill that some people will naturally have more than others. So you need to be vigilant and make sure your technician is suitably experienced, with a good eye for creating the type of look you’d like.

How much does semi-permanent make-up cost?

The price of treatment varies depending on the area being treated. To give you a rough idea, semi-permanent make-up at our clinics costs from £295 to £550.

That is the fully inclusive price, including both your initial consultation and treatment.

Want to find out more about Semi-Permanent Make-Up?

At Aurora Skin Clinics, our semi-permanent make-up expert is Lyndsey Moore, a fully qualified micropigmentation practitioner with over 10 years’ experience in the cosmetic industry. To book a free consultation to talk to Lyndsey about semi-permanent make-up treatment, call us on 01844 318825 or fill in our quick contact form and we’ll be in touch.