See the results of our first Patient Satisfaction Survey

We recently sent out our first-ever Aurora Skin Clinics satisfaction survey – and the results are in. Dun-dun-derrr!

We always like to hear what you think, so we thought a short survey would make it easy for you to let us know.

We sent the survey to all who had treatment at the Paddocks or Gatehouse clinics in December and January. The results are below.

1. How easy was it to schedule an appointment?

Easy 43%

Ok 43%

Very easy 14%


2. How would you rate your treatment experience?

Excellent 57%

Very good 43%


3. Did you feel you received enough information prior to your treatment?

Yes 100%


4. How would you rate the Skin Clinic facilities?

Very good 57%

Excellent 15%

Good 14%

Average 14%


5. How happy are you with the results of your treatment?

Happy 86%

Unsure 14%


6. Would you recommend Aurora Skin Clinics to your friends?

Yes 100%


We’re thrilled with these results overall, though of course there’s always room for improvement!

We plan to repeat the survey every 2 months, so the next one will be going out at the end of March. If you’ve visited us for treatment in the last couple of months, the survey will be winging its way to you shortly…