Sculptra – How does it differ to derma fillers

 Sculptura works in a completely different way from dermal fillers.

I normally explain it as dermal fillers are like poly filler which go under the wrinkles and fill out depressed areas, for all areas depressed in the skin.

These are typically lines coming down from the nose to the corner of the mouth towards the Jaw line

Sculptura works in a completely differently.

Sculptra contains minute crystals dissolved in salt water.

Immediately on the following day of the injection when the salt water has absorbed you will notice very little change in the areas treated.

This is unlike derma fillers where you will notice a filling of the  lines.

The small particles make your skin thicken by encouraging the cells which creates new collagen.

Therefore, notice the thickening and plumping of the areas over appeared off six weeks following treatment.

Balanced derma fillers are extremely good for the lines around the mouth were as sculptra in my opinion is better in the cheek areas.