Scarring – can Bio-Oil really help?

Every so often we receive a question via email that we think may be interesting to share.

Here is one we have recently received about scarring and how best to help the healing process along. In this case, the scarring is a result of recent surgery, but the same applies for other scarring like acne scars and stretch marks.

Scarring Question

Hi. I just wanted to ask a question about Bio-Oil. I have some scarring on my hand after undergoing two finger operations about six months ago. I would like to try and improve it if I could. Would it be ok to just use any moisture cream to massage the scar tissue, or does Bio-Oil actually really work to change the colour and flatten the scars? I have heard good things but it would be great to get a professional opinion. Thanks for any advice.

Scarring Answer

Thank you very much for your enquiry. At our clinics, we do find that Bio-Oil is excellent for applying moisture to the area and also does work to reduce the colour of fat in the scars.

There are other moisturising creams available that may be beneficial too, but we would certainly say that it is worth using Bio-Oil on your scars. The most effective way to treat any scarring is to keep massaging the area to help break down the scar tissue, keep it moist and the scar will mature and fade naturally in time.

The very best of luck with your hand, and we hope it continues to heal well.

Best wishes

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