Rob gets a Dermaroller…

Anaesthetic cream is applied before Dermaroller treatmentWe’re always stressing at Aurora Skin Clinics how skin treatments are great for both men and women.

And to prove it, today we’re giving Rob, who works in the Aurora media team, his first ever experience of a skin treatment.

He’s about to have a session with the Dermaroller.

About Rob

Here’s a bit of background about Rob.

Rob is 21 years old and studying video production at university. He’s into gigs, festivals, going to the pub, watching football and playing rugby.

He’s not the sort of person that would usually go in for this sort of thing – but he’s an intrepid lad! He’s even had a shave specially.

As I write this, he’s gone off to the bathroom to apply the anaesthetic cream to his face. More when he returns…

He’s back

So Rob’s just come back into the office and he’s smeared the entire tube of cream all over his face. He’s not taking any chances.

He tells us he has to wait 20 mins and then put more on. So time for a brief interlude…

He’s back again

With even more cream on his face. And now off to the treatment room he goes…

Here he is just about to start his treatment:

Dermaroller treatment

I think he’s a little bit nervous, but he’s hiding it pretty well. We’ll leave him to have his Dermaroller in peace now, and get his verdict afterwards.

He’s back again – with his verdict

Well his face is red, but he’s looking happy – and shiny.

So what did you think Rob?

“It wasn’t too bad actually, my skin does feel a lot cleaner. I’ve been told I’ll start seeing the results properly in 2-3 days. I’m going on holiday soon, so I’ll get a tan and come back a bronzed god.”

Aurora Skin Clinics offer a variety of skin treatments to rejuvenate and refresh your skin. Dermaroller takes more than one session to see the most benefit, so we recommend 3 sessions to get the very best results. Contact us on 01844 211777 or for more information.