Projected growth in skin care industry down to ‘ageing population’

Skin careAmerican market research company, Infiniti Research Ltd, have released a report in to their projections about the skin care industry over the period between 2011 and 2015.

They estimate that the entire industry, which ranges from skin care products to non-invasive treatments, will grow worldwide by 4.4% during this time.

They put this down to an ageing population – which, when you think about it, makes perfect sense. People are living for longer and therefore need products and treatments over a longer time. It also may mean that people are willing to spend more time and effort in staving off the effects of ageing as they know that they are likely to live longer.

There has been something of a seismic shift in recent years, possibly due to this extension of mortality, where people feel younger than their forefathers and mothers did at the same age. Hence there are the multiple sayings such as 40 is the new 30, 60 the new 50 etc.

But where people may feel younger and live longer they also want their looks to fit accordingly. Which is where investing in products and treatments come in.

It’s not merely down to that however. An increasing awareness of the importance of good health on looks is contributing to a population which is genuinely starting to look younger for longer. A relatively high socio-economic background makes this even more likely. The reason for this is likely to be two-fold.

Those who are educated are not only more likely to be able to afford effective products and skin treatments but they are also likelier to make healthy lifestyle choices, because they are more aware of benefits of healthy living.

They are more likely to take regular exercise and eat more than the government recommended amount of fruit and vegetables – all of which contributes to good skin.

In addition to the ageing population throughout the world what must also be taken in to account is growing markets – notably Asia. Both India and China have a growing economy, and with increasing wealth comes more education as well as greater access to expensive services and products.

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